Today’s Dentures Can Help Get Your Smile Back!


Unfortunately some people end up loosing all of their teeth and this is often as a result of periodontal disease, decay or injury. When this happens the teeth should be replaced for both functional and cosmetic reasons. Replacing missing teeth is important for your overall health and help to keep your gums and jaws healthy.

Replacing missing teeth makes it easier to chew foods and improves your appearance. Being confident about your teeth affects how you feel about yourself both personally and professionally. If you hide your smile because of missing teeth or you would like to smile, speak, and eat again with comfort and confidence, then we have good news or you!

Thanks to modern high-tech dentistry, today’s dentures are stronger, longer lasting, better fitting, and better looking than ever before. Advances in dental procedures and materials now enable us to help patients without teeth to eat, speak and smile without worrying about slipping or uncomfortable dentures.

What’s more, todays dentures can be made to look very natural using a high impact, polymer based denture acrylic that is both esthetically pleasing and is unexcelled in strength.

Daily denture wear is a fact of life for millions of Canadians. There is still plenty to smile about for those who have discovered the advantages of a professionally made set of today’s acrylic dentures.

We are all individuals and the best denture for you will restore both function and appearance to preserve and complement your individuality. Dentures are custom designed for each individual patient. The process begins with a series of detailed measurements, taking into account crucial aspects of facial size, shape and contours, together with the specifics of your mouth.


Individual teeth are designed to show the subtle differences in shape that make men’s teeth look more masculine, and women’s teeth more feminine. The dentures also incorporate the natural differences in the shapes of each tooth which together make a smile beautiful. Even complexion and hair color are considered when determining the appropriate color and shading for your new teeth. ultimately, the goal is to make each denture patient as comfortable as possible with their new denture, and to give them the smile they’ve dreamed of having.

It’s important to continue seeing a dentist regularly even after you’ve started wearing dentures. These regular checkups are the best way to insure that your mouth is healthy. The dentist may sometimes see early warning signs of generalized disease or changes in oral tissue and prompt treatment can help to preserve the health of your mouth.

Yours for better dental health,

Dr. Arvind Kataria D.D.S.

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